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One platform, one team, one goal.

Tired of outdated, disjointed business processes?

We get it. We're here to make your business function seamlessly, so you can focus on innovating and growing your business.

We audit your organization’s business processes to identify any gaps and areas in need of improvement, curate your automated solutions, and build out a universal collaborative platform.

Why Power Platform?

An inclusive technology, Microsoft Power Platform connects all data sources in your business, accelerating innovation, reducing costs, and providing you with end-to-end business solutions.

According to Microsoft, “The savings generated from retired legacy applications were valued at USD 496.8 thousand, and eliminated traditional development efforts were valued at USD 3.8 million over a three-year period.”

Our lightweight, low-code solutions allow your company to be agile in the growing digital landscape while reducing costs by retiring outdated systems. With endless automation options, Ritter Solutions strategically builds an enterprise solution that meets your goals and accelerates your growth.

Our Services

Drive Results with Ritter Solutions

We help companies scale by bringing business automation and innovation together for a stressless digital transformation.

Increase Profitability
Boost Productivity
Improve Processes
Improve Collaboration

Services that fix any problem and fit every business model.

Big data’s only getting bigger. So, we’ve made it our mission to seamlessly funnel all enterprise data into one– the Power Platform.

Power Platform increases your productivity, reduces expenses, and expands your business intelligence by building end-to-end business solutions, quickly.

Super powerful features

Design better and spend less time without restricting creative freedom. Combine layouts, customize everything.

Teams creates a communal space where team members across the globe can interact, engage, and securely share information. With app integrations, your team's work and communication come together in real-time.

Where connection and productivity intersect.
Power Apps
We build customized canvas or model-driven apps designed for your needs. With an intuitive framework, team members can successfully take over the apps once built and installed.

We save you time and money.

Power Automate
Power Automate removes repetitive tasks by streamlining your business and team processes. Automate, extend and customize your processes using cloud flows.

Focus on what you do best and automate the rest.
Dynamics 365
Increasing interoperability by connecting finance, sales, marketing, service, and operations teams in one application. Drive efficiency through hyperconnectivity.

A unified solution made easy.

Business Central
A comprehensive business management solution that connects your enterprise. Run cloud-based processes that accelerate workflow and offer real-time insights.

Make quick decisions with confidence.

Adaptive Cards
Adaptive cards allow developers to exchange snippets of UI content. Notifications become actionable, data integrity is kept intact, and app licenses can be limited.

No learning curves, no more hopping back and forth between apps.

Power BI
Power BI provides interactive insights and analytics. Across all levels of operation, team members will have access to visualized data, allowing everyone to make informed decisions, quickly.

Delivering informed, unified business intelligence.
SharePoint empowers collaboration with customized team channels for every project. Share resources in one location across all devices. Save money by using SharePoint as your main productivity tool.

Collaboration has never been simpler.

Maximize your investment, Increase your ROI

Experience tangible growth and scale your business.

For Startups

Create streamlined processes with a scalable framework.

For Enterprises

Digitizing your business and replacing legacy systems has never been easier.

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